LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As the race for Michigan governor gets closer, Tim Skubick is giving his takes on the GOP candidate debate that took place on Wednesday.

Skubick says with these debates, you are approaching them from two different angles: content and then political implication.

Both Garrett Soldano and Ryan Kelley took on the “perceived” front runner Tudor Dixon for allegedly being the “establishment candidate.”

“Now in the Trump world that is code for if she’s the establishment candidate, she’s not with us like the Trump people that we are,” Skubick said.

As Dixon’s supporters were watching her perform on the stage, Skubick says they were probably thinking to themselves ‘we need to go back and clean that up just a little bit,’ because she did not make a good defense of what they were saying about her on offense.

As for Kevin Rinke, he did not participate in taking on Dixon. He was sort of an innocent bystander.

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