Another busy week has come and gone in the realm of Michigan politics, and 6 News has it all covered in the Capital Rundown.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon unveiled her $1 billion public safety agenda, which includes a plan to recruit and retain more law enforcement officers.

Some members of the Michigan Republican party spoke out to say they are supporting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for reelection.

The battle over Proposal 3 is heating up, and grass roots organizations on both sides of the issue are trying to reach voters.

Gina Johnsen, a Republic candidate for the state house, claimed that it would make pedophilia legal. Law experts disagree with her claim.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Briget McCormack retired, and state Republicans voiced their concerns over Michigan’s redistricting.

You can learn more about all of these stories by checking out this week’s Capital Rundown by 6 News.