LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer faced off against gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon in a televised debate Thursday night.

It was the first time in state history that two women candidates for governor held a debate, and the two candidates were not holding back.

For an hour, the two sparred over topics of education, abortion and the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was the first of two scheduled debates between them.

The latest polls show Gov. Whitmer with a substantial lead, and in hopes of gaining some ground, Dixon attacked Whitmer’s leadership and lack of progress on the state’s roads.

On this week’s edition of the Capital Rundown, we hear from our Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick, who watched the debate intently, and shared his thoughts with our Jorma Duran.

Skubick said despite Whitmer’s vast experience in politics, it was a mostly fair fight, with both candidates coming extremely prepared.

Also on this week’s show, we talk about an exciting new round of polls that had some big revelations.

Plus, we hear from Lieutenant Governor candidate Shane Hernandez, and break down the races for attorney general and secretary of state.

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