The firm was founded in 2005. Since its inception, our firm has been dedicated to helping families Plan, Protect, and Preserve what is important to them. With an exclusive focus on estate, elder law, and retirement planning, our firm has carved out a niche and is one of the most respected firms in the state of Michigan.

Our firm started as The Elder Care Firm, but with a new decade and expanded focus, changed our name in 2020 to Castle Wealth Group.

For over 18 years, our firm has helped countless families avoid probate, protect assets, and navigate through the long-term care journey. Over the years, other attorneys have looked to us for assistance, training, and continued education.


FOUNDER, CEO | Certified Financial Planner® | Certified Elder Law Attorney® | Adjunct Professor | Published Author | Radio Host

Christopher J. Berry is one of only a handful
of Certified Financial Planners® and Certified
Elder Law Attorneys® in the nation. He is also
the host of “The Chris Berry Show” which is
a radio show and podcast where he discusses
wealth, estate, and tax planning for the second
half of life.

Chris has been involved in legal and financial planning since 2005. Through his continual pursuit of education and drive to serve his clients in the best way possible, he established a law firm and then a financial planning firm because he saw a client need. He’s been seen in Forbes, Kiplinger’s, and Crain’s magazines.

He excels at taking sophisticated legal, financial and tax planning concepts and making them easy to understand for his clients. While his knowledge and detailed planning techniques are second to none, his real strength is in being extremely relatable and very easy to understand.

Chris has been given top honors from such organizations as the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, Avvo and more. He published his first book, available for sale, called “The Caregiver’s Legal Guide to Planning for a Loved One with Chronic Illness” and his latest book is “The Retirement and Legacy Blueprint.”

Chris has been very involved in his local community, serving as a volunteer on numerous boards, including Easter Seals of Michigan and The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and he has won awards for his civic duty, including the Spirit of Detroit award and ALZ Community Partner. Over the past few years, he has either contributed or helped raise over $250,000 for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s and the Area Agency on Aging as well as other smaller local helping organizations.

Away from the office, Chris spends time with his wife, Rochelle, and kids, Ryan and Madison. As an only child, he lives four houses down from his parents who are an integral part of his family. He enjoys reading, coaching both of his kids’ soccer teams, traveling, and time on the lake with his whole family.


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The Retirement & Legacy Blueprint:

How to Achieve Clarity, Confidence, and Comfort in Retirement and Beyond

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The Caregiver’s Legal Guide Planning for a Loved One With Chronic Illness

Inside Strategies to Plan for Medicaid, Veterans Benefits and Long-term Care

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