LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – We’re kicking off our “Rivals Week” coverage as we head into this weekend’s MSU – U of M football game.

It’s a home game for the Spartans this year.

If you have hopes of seeing it all play out in person but don’t have tickets, don’t worry, there are plenty out there for sale.

After five straight MSU losses Michigan is hoping to make it number six.

But the Spartans hope to end this losing streak with a major win.

While some MSU fans may be more than willing to part with their tickets because of the disappointing season so far you can bet there are plenty of others willing to scoop them up and head out to Spartan Stadium on Saturday.

If you are one of those fans there aren’t any tickets available for the game through the official MSU site but there are plenty of options out there.

How much you pay though will depend on where you want to sit but you can bet it will be more than face value.

We looked at two popular ticket seller sites, Vivid Tickets and Stub-Hub, and this is what we found:

Upper level tickets start at $85.50.

That’s the least you will pay to be at the game and it’s the nose-bleed section, prices only go up from there.

If you want to sit in the lower level you will pay anywhere from $120 to $500 dollars a ticket.

And if you are a superfan and want to be right down in the action along the sidelines?

Well, those tickets start at $550 and rise well above a thousand dollars a piece.

If you are a student without tickets and you want to go, it seems you’re in luck.

There are many students hoping to sell their seat in the student section for the game.

Those tickets start as low as $35 but you must have a valid student ID to use them.