LANSING, Mich. – McLaren Greater Lansing announced they are the first hospital in the state of
Michigan to use CCM® therapy, delivered by the Optimizer® system, to treat patients suffering from heart failure.
The CCM therapy-optimizer mini system, also known as cardiac contractility modulation, is a new, FDA approved heart failure treatment proven to improve the quality of life for patients who are no longer
adequately responding to medications to manage symptoms or slow the progression of heart failure. The
CCM therapy-optimizer mini system is delivered by the Optimizer implant, through a minimally invasive
procedure, and delivers pulses of energy to the heart, bringing more oxygen-rich blood to the body with
each beat.
“The CCM therapy-optimizer mini system is a breakthrough therapy option for heart failure patients to
improve their condition beyond what other therapies, such as medications, can do,” said Khalil Kanjwal,
MD, cardiologist and electrophysiologist at McLaren Greater Lansing. “Medications are not always
enough to help slow the progression of heart failure, and the CCM therapy-optimizer mini system brings
hope to this patient population by improving the often-debilitating symptoms of heart failure.”
Heart failure, a condition in which the heart slowly weakens and is not able to adequately supply oxygen rich blood, affects an estimated 6.5 million Americans and nearly 26 million people worldwide.
Heart failure patients experience debilitating symptoms, including breathlessness, fatigue, confusion, and
swelling in the legs, that make everyday activities challenging. Most heart failure patients are prescribed
medications intended to slow the progression of the disease and manage their symptoms. As the condition
progresses, these treatments lose their effectiveness, and the quality of life for heart failure patients
continues to decline.
“I’m excited for the potential of this device to treat patients suffering from heart failure to get them back
to doing the things they love and for our ability to bring cutting-edge treatments to the Greater Lansing
community,” said Dr. Kanjwal.
The CCM therapy-optimizer mini system may be an appropriate option for heart failure patients who
continue to experience symptoms despite taking the optimal heart failure medications for their condition.
For more information about the CCM therapy-optimizer mini system at McLaren Greater Lansing, click
CCM therapy was developed by Impulse Dynamics, based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Visit the
Impulse Dynamics website to learn more about the company and CCM therapy.

About McLaren Greater Lansing
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