In a hospital or health care setting, fast and efficient communication throughout the organization is essential when providing care. At its all-new health care campus, which includes a state-of-the-art 240-bed hospital, McLaren Greater Lansing continues to improve communications and safety measures with the integration of Vocera technology.

Vocera Communications, Inc. is a leader in clinical communication and workflow management. Team members at McLaren are now equipped with a wearable, voice-controlled Vocera Smartbadge — a voice-activated, hands-free solution that allows users to keep working while communicating with each other. Staff members can securely send and receive text messages, along with key alarm and alert notifications, while in the facility. 

“I’m so excited to bring this level of communication to our team in order to enhance our ability to provide safe, quality care and assist in improving patient care,” said Deborah Leblanc, chief nursing officer at McLaren Greater Lansing. “With the use of this technology, we are able to increase the speed at which right resources are contacted via messaging or phone call/group call, reduce steps, and automate delivery of information.”

Vocera enables the McLaren team to collaborate through a secure and standardized system, in which team members can access contextual details about a patient and an event to better inform diagnosis and treatment decisions.

“We have implemented the product across the organization, to enhance communication with the patient, nursing staff, and providers. In addition, communication between departments provides convenience and efficiency,” said Julie Ashi, director of Patient Care Services at McLaren Greater Lansing. “Vocera is also integrated with other communication and patient monitoring platforms we utilize, so staff and providers can get appropriate information at the right time.”

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