There’s a day coming when you’ll need to rescan your television to continue receiving the signal for WLNS TV6. Let’s call it “Rescan Day.” TV sets connected to satellite, cable or other pay TV providers do not need to rescan. The reasons for this are a little complicated, but the solution is simple.

When this “Rescan Day” rolls around, just follow this 3-step procedure:

1.     Find the Remote Control for your TV or Converter Box, then press “MENU”
2.    Select “SETUP” on the menu. Exact terms and procedures for some TVs may vary. For specific instructions, refer to your TV owner’s manual.
3.    Choose “ANTENNA” then, “CHANNEL SCAN” or “AUTO TUNE” and your work is done.

Your TV will automatically rescan the available signals so all your channels, including WLNS, tune-in again. Depending on when you rescan, you may need to rescan more than once to pick up the new signal