New York, NY (WLNS)–A new survey shows more and more parents are worried about the long-term effects of the pandemic on children’s mental health, especially during the holiday season.

Megan Burke knows raising 3 kids during the covid-19 pandemic is a struggle. Everything “normal” has been disrupted, from school, to seeing friends, and Megan says it’s impacting her 8-year old. She says she gets a little more angry, or frustrated, with how things are going, like why she can’t go to her dance classes anymore.

A new survey from Nationwide Children’s Hospital finds 66 percent of parents are worried their children’s mental health will suffer even more as the pandemic continues into the winter. 57 percent say they’re running out of ways to keep their kids positive.

Dr. Parker Huston is a pediatric psychologist. He says for kids to feel a sense of security and normalcy, parents need to be consistent.

Megan says she talks with her kids, and they stick to a schedule. Her 8-year old also meets with a counselor. Megan has also been organizing socially distanced parades for the holidays in her neighborhood, showing her kids that even at a time when everything’s different, they can still have fun and be together.