Apples are on the trees, leaves are changing color and hot cocoa is served. This can only mean one thing…fall is quickly approaching! With the change of season, comes a change in weather. These next few months are a great time to do some maintenance on the areas of your home that were neglected in the warm, summer months. Accomplishing small home tasks can go a long way for the chilly months ahead. With a little help from Home Advisor, we created a checklist for your home this fall! 



  1. Check out your plumbing and make sure pipes are well insulated
  2. Don’t forget the attic! Verify that air is flowing through ridges and vents at eaves to prevent those nasty ice dams
  3. Spend some time in the crisp autumn air and trim tree limbs close to power lines
  4. Investigate for any loose or damaged windows or doors
  5. Install weather stripping or caulking on windows to avoid high heating bills
  6. When it comes to heating, replace the filter in your furnace
  7. Swiffer the dust out of air ducts
  8. Make certain your gutter is draining water properly and not damaging driveways or walkways
  9. Clean your gutter and downspouts to prevent buildup of leaves and debris throughout the fall
  10. Update your roofing, siding, windows by calling Exteriors of Lansing for free estimate


  • Make sure your snow blower and any other winter equipment is tested and in good condition
  • Drain your exterior garden hoses so they don’t freeze
  • Check for drafts around doors and windows

From pumpkin patches to raking the yard with the family, the fall is full of festivities. Be sure to set aside a few hours to prepare your home for the cold temperatures coming your way! 

Are you in need of some help accomplishing your fall home improvement checklist? From roofing to siding and windows to doors, Exteriors of Lansing does it all. Give us a call today for a free estimate! SCHEDULE YOUR FREE ESTIMATE