ST. JOHNS, Mich (WLNS) — The ripples of inflation and increased food prices have been felt throughout the country, but the rising costs start at the farm-level.

Mid-Michigan dairy farmer Carla Wardin’s milk is everywhere, and she says she’s always thinking about the risings costs, just like everyone else.

Evergreen Dairy has some high-profile clients with which they share partnerships.

“We have partnerships through Domino’s, we have partnerships through Taco Bell, and Kroger is one of our main customers here, especially in Michigan.”

But rising prices across the food industry are out of Wardin’s control.

Officials from the Michigan Farm Bureau said the cost to run these farms has significantly increased.

“Fertilizer is over double,” said Loren Koeman with the MFB. “We’ve seen diesel fuel, for example, everybody can see as they drive by the dollars at the pump. The rest is all in areas where there’s likely inflation as well we are talking about packaging, we are talking about transportation, we’re talking about labor.”

They have no control over what it costs to upkeep the farm.

“Since farmers don’t set their own prices for the things that we sell, you don’t know whether you are going to have a profit or loss until much later,” said Wardin.

Farmers keep about 14% of the total dollars that consumers spend on food, but officials worry that when food prices fall, the farmers are left out to dry.

“Farmers are still doing okay,” continued Koeman. “But we are concerned about in the future, what tends to happen is [that] prices come back and moderate somewhat but the costs stay high and farmers really get pinched in the middle in that case.”

As Michiganders heads into the holidays, Wardin says she is going to keep doing what she can to get us what we need.

“Everything goes better with a glass of milk, and every party should have ice cream at it,” said Wardin. “We care about the people, we do it because we like to, and we’re farmers because we enjoy it. So I hope that everybody can enjoy the products that they are producing.”