Abortion providers say new FDA ruling on abortion pills could be a safer option

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—The Biden administration for the remainder of the pandemic will temporarily allow women to receive abortion pills by mail. On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration and an organization representing reproductive health physicians sent a letter to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists.

Janet Woodcock, the FDA Commissioner stated her agency would let medical providers prescribe medication to induce an abortion via telemedicine and send them through the mail amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During COVID-19 your actually putting women at an increased risk by having them come into a clinic for an abortion,” Dr. Razel Remen, M.D. said.

Dr. Razel Remen, a Michigan abortion provider, helps women across the entire state. Dr. Ramen stated her job is to help counsel women on their options when faced with unintended pregnancy, surgery, and miscarriages. Dr. Remen says before the new temporary order passed by the FDA, women would have to go to an in-person clinic and take an abortion pill. Then, they would go home and take the second set of prescribed medication.

However, Dr. Remen suggests with this new rule women would need to schedule an appointment with their doctor through telemedicine from the comfort of their own home. Their doctor would assess their patient and then move forward with an abortion pill prescription. Then, the medication would be mailed to an individual for immediate use.

“Their isn’t the stress of having to come into an actual clinic,” Dr. Remen exclaimed, “you’re seeing somebody that you don’t know, they’re often protesters outside the clinic, and they can be very aggressive and say very hurtful things toward women. Financially, they have to pay for gas, and they may have to find childcare and skip work. This new rule can potentially take these burdens off of women.”

The Food and Drug Administration’s temporary lift on in-person clinic visits will reverse a Trump administration policy supported by the supreme court earlier in 2021. Meanwhile, this temporary rule is being used in some states.

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