GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) — Get moving, get biking!

That’s the motto of a young Grand Ledge woman who plans to create a new kind of biking industry in the Great Lakes State.

Macie Hefron, 21, says she plans to bring biking to the abandoned railroad tracks across Michigan.

While the project is still in the works, Michiganders will be able to go on railroad tracks starting in Traverse City and going across the state.

One more thing: the bikes that will be used to ride the tracks are designed to fit on the railways.

Photo Credit: Macie Hefron

“I love biking and railroads,” said Hefron, a Student at Spring Arbor University.

When the pandemic first hit, Hefron’s passion for biking had her brainstorming ways to get the community involved.

After she noticed other states were using abandoned railroads to incorporate biking, Hefron began planning to bring this idea to Michigan.

Photo Credit: Macie Hefron

“It is on the east coast, a little on the west coast but nowhere near Michigan,” Hefron said. “Bringing this to Michigan is going to allow people to experience something new.”

To learn more, Hefron visited “Tracks and Yaks,” a railroad biking operation based out of Maryland.

“For about 3 1/2 miles before you turn around and come back to the actual location that you start at so you’re going to expect going into the woods,” Hefron said. “You’re going to go under a bridge, there’s a few crossings that people will be flagging you across the crossings for safety procedures.

The bikes made for railways are designed and built at Tracks and Yaks.

Hefron says it’s a great way to get the entire family involved, even for those who may have difficulties with biking.

“People with disabilities, older people that can’t really do a lot they can come and ride on the rails,” Hefron said.

This leisure activity will be based out of the Traverse City area.