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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)— What do you do when you look in your review mirror and see the flashing red and blue lights of a police officer? The obvious answer is pullover but in this edition of “Conversation with a Cop” Chivon Kloepfer spoke with Michigan State University Police Captain & Public Information Officer Chris Rozman about how this process can keep everyone safe.

Communication is Key

You know the basics of a traffic stop, pullover, listen to the officer, and try to keep a cool head, but the biggest take for Rozman, communication with the officer. He says it’s natural to be nervous, especially if you’ve never had a run-in with police on the road, and it’s okay to tell the officer, and it’s never a bad idea to over-communicate.

Other important tips:

  • Stay in the car unless directed otherwise.
  • Turn on interior lights at night.
  • Keep your hand on the steering wheel if you’re able.
  • Answer questions truthfully

Do you pull over immediately, or find a less busy area to stop?

According to Rozman, when an officer makes the decision to turn their lights, they’ve already determined it’s a safe place to make a stop, however it never hurts to pull into a parking lot, or off to a side road. You can let the officer know you’ve seen him, and acknowledge you’re pulling over by turning on your hazard lights.

In the video above hear what Captain Rozman has to say about traffic stops and more.

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