LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Biking is a great form of exercise that many people find relaxing.

But one man from China is biking for a cause.

Alex Lee is communicating a larger message that impacts thousands of people overseas.

He’s riding across the United States to raise awareness of Hong Kong’s fight against the Chinese communist take-over.

In 2019, Lee was protesting in Hong Kong over China’s actions. For decades, China has controlled Hong Kong.

In 2020, the country passed a controversial National Security Law that protestors said limited their personal freedoms.

Lee decided to use his bike as a form of advocacy.

His goal is to ride from California to Boston, Massachusetts.

“I want to tell local Americans what I saw, and what I felt,” Alex Lee said. “As Hong Kong protesters, we are determined and strong-willed.”

So far, Lee has biked from Los Angeles, California to Lansing, Michigan.

That’s roughly 196 hours of cycling, or 2,399 miles total.

“Why do people protest because they want freedom,” Lee said. “Democracy, they want a rule of law but the communist party only wants to give them censorship and a brainwashed education system.”

Lee’s journey has been in the works ever since the summer of 2020.

“There is an online community called ‘Warm Shower’ they can host you for one or two nights,” Lee said. “I tell people about my mission, I tell people why I did such a long biking trip, why I went to North Dakota, and I went to Michigan.”

For now, Lee posts on social media to keep his followers updated.

“Every day I write my daily journal and I also post pictures of videos,” Lee said, “with the local Americans you know on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so people will know I’m safe.”

Want to follow along Lee’s journey? Click here to take a look at his daily Facebook posts, or you can follow Lee on Twitter.