“That’s where the hole is” Williamston man suffers backlash from storms

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WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WLNS) – Storm damage continues to impact our community.

One Williamston man, Donald Turner, put his house up for sale, and less than 12 hours later his basement began to collapse.

Turner is now worried his entire house will eventually collapse, and leave him homeless. He knew the storm damage was bad when he got a call from his daughter at 2 am about their home collapsing.

He initially freaked out.

“She heard some cracking and then all of a sudden a loud bang, and water rushing,” said Turner.

He rushed home to find a giant hole forcing his basement to collapse.

Earlier that day, he put his house up for sale.

“We had pictures taken, house sign put in the yard. The realtor was going back to get it all listed and everything.”

Less than 12 hours later a storm erupted in the area.

“The storm came through and took my wall away.”

Turner isn’t allowed in the home until the gap is fixed because of safety reasons.

He says the damage caused electrical problems, and even a gas leak.

“They had to turn the power off because of all of the water and everything you didn’t want [an electrical] shortage, or a fire to start, or a spark to happen with a gas leak.

The water dried up—and has gone out his basement storm drain.

“The house has started sinking, I have a gap now that is about 1 inch that goes from my shoe molding to my hardwood floor.

“All of a sudden there was a boom it was horrible and our house just kind of gave a jerk,” said neighbor Carol Thorsen.

Thorsen heard Turner’s basement collapse, and minutes later Turner rang her doorbell to show her the home damage.

“When I looked I couldn’t quite figure out what happened it was horrible to see it because his lights in the basement were on and I could see this big empty space, and I was so sad and I said “oh my goodness,”” she said.

Turner’s waiting on his insurance company to send someone out to assess the damages and make a claim.

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