LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—A report from the National Road Safety Foundation found traffic deaths have increased during the holiday season, and traffic safety officials are warning people to stay safe this year.

Authorities expect a spike in impaired driving, more car crashes, and injuries.

“The statistics are alarming,” said Michelle Anderson, Director of Operations, National Road Safety Foundation.

Anderson says car crashes, deaths, and injuries are expected to increase the next three weeks.

“On average 28% of our fatal crashes are due to alcohol related issues but during the Christmas holiday that spikes up another 10 percent,” Anderson said.

The National Road Safety Foundation looked at statistics from the National Highway Safety Administration, and The Governor’s Highway Safety Association. The organization found in Michigan alone during 2020, 1083 people died in car crashes in the state.

Anderson says there are many reasons why car crashes are usually higher during the holidays. She says people are having drinks, experiencing fatigue, and staying out late. She says when you are tired and get behind a wheel that can count as impaired driving.

That’s why traffic safety officials are warning people to stay safe.

“Keep your vehicle free of any kind of distractions,” said Andrew Daenzar, Captain, Ingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Daenzer’s suggests some safety precautions to take are giving yourself extra time to get to and from a location.

“Slow down, give yourself extra space between the car in front of you,” Daenzar said.

The Michigan Department of Transportation also issued this statement to 6 news:

“MDOT , and every other road agency in Michigan, do what we can to make the roads safe, but it’s all under the expectation that motorists are following the rules, paying attention and driving per conditions at all times.”

The Michigan Dept. of Transportation

Anderson hopes this holiday season will be safe for people across the United States.

“If you are finding yourself nodding and yawing while you are driving chances are you are tired and you will need to pull over to a safe place,” Anderson said.