Jackson Fire uses CPR machine to save lives

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Most people are experienced with CPR and many have even been trained in the lifesaving technique of chest compressions.

But the procedure can be difficult if done by a well-trained rescuer.

Now firefighters from the Jackson Fire Department are using the latest life-saving technology when they go out on rescues.

The department recently acquired two new machines called “LUCAS 3”. The product is affixed to patients in need to CPR and autonomously performs chest compressions.

Here’s how the device removes as much of the guesswork out of the rescue. The digital device senses the weight and size of patients and adjusts compressions accordingly. The device also has built-in breaks that allow for first responders to perform rescue breaths.

The Jackson Fire Department began officially using LUCAS 3 devices last month, after testing them for several months. The department is working with two devices so there is one for each main fire engine.

JFD says when they encounter a patient who needs CPR, one rescuer manually starts giving CPR, while another rescuer sets up the device. Firefighters say LUCAS 3 can be set up very quickly, and the gap in patient care is only a few seconds.

Some patients require up to 30 minutes of CPR, and that can be exhausting on first responders. These devices offer relief to responders, and can continue to be used on patients when they’re in an ambulance and taken into the Emergency Room.

The LUCAS 3 devices have already been used several times in the Jackson community. Firefighter Annie Wallen says she’s seen it save lives. “It is an unfortunate circumstance when we do have to use it, but we’re very thankful to have it. It’s been a big help” Firefighter Wallen said.

Funding for the CPR devices was built into the budget for Tower 8, JFD’s new $1.1 million ladder truck which was acquired late last year.

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