(NEXSTAR) – The “highest” customers in the country are getting the dopest discounts at Jimmy John’s on Wednesday.

In honor of 4/20, Jimmy John’s is offering its customers a discount on sandwiches depending on the elevation of their current location. In other words, customers at “high” elevations will be rewarded with deeper discounts.

“It’s high time for a sandwich,” reads a message posted in a video teaser for the deal on Twitter. “See you on 4/20.”

Customers wishing to redeem the discount are instructed to visit GetHighWithJimmyJohns.com and scan a QR code on their mobile device to unlock a promo code to be used for an online purchase. Those in the highest locales — like Leadville, Colorado — can earn 20% off a purchase of $10 or more, while those in the lowest — say, Calipatria, California — are only getting 10% off.

Everyone who scans the QR code is also provided with their “4/20 highness level” courtesy of Jimmy John’s, which ranges from only “a little bit high” to “really, really high.”

Customers can redeem their discounted munchies at participating Jimmy John’s locations through the end of the day (PST). Additional terms and conditions apply.

Aside from sandwiches, 4/20 observances around the country are scheduled to celebrate cannabis culture with concerts, festivals, and even a brand-new flavor of chicken wings at Wingstop. According to Time magazine, these 4/20 traditions can all trace their roots to five high-school students in Marin County, California, who would meet after the day’s classes to spark a joint at — when else? — 4:20 p.m.

“We got tired of the Friday-night football scene with all of the jocks,” Dave Reddix, one of the former students, told the outlet. “We were the guys sitting under the stands smoking a doobie, wondering what we were doing there.”