Kitten yoga is big hit in Old Town

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Kittens were the special guest at a fundraising workout in Old Town Sunday.

And the money goes to the “New Cat Cafe”, opening this summer in Lansing.

Check this out, the downward dog was swapped for the more appropriately named “downward cat.”   

Kitten yoga was held at the Old Town Marquee. 

And the furry friends walking around were provided by the Capital Area Humane Society. 

The cat cafe is going to be called “The Trend Tabby.”

Customers will be able to pay for time to hangout with cats, which will all be available to adopt.

“It’s already around in different parts of America, so having it here in Greater Lansing where we live is really, it’s really nice to know that we can embrace something like that for animals, especially cats,” said Gita Mahabir.

The Trend Tabby is expected to open in June.

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