LOS ANGELES, Ca. (WLNS) — Right before 6 News at Noon today, a mid-Michigan woman made her debut on ‘The Price is Right,’ and she wasn’t messing around.

Vicki Pursley won a brand new car!

She started with the game ’10 Chances’ and did well, giving her seven chances to win the car.

She got it right on her second-to-last guess.

When it came time to spin the wheel, the woman before Pursley got the dollar. But then so did Pursley!

Then she won the spin-off and made it to the showcase showdown.

But that’s where her luck ran out.

She was $9,000 under on her bid for a trip and truck, so the other contestant won.

But a new car and $1,000 isn’t bad for a day’s work.

Congrats to Vicki!