Parenting in a war zone

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Courtesy: UNICEF

YEMEN (WLNS) – 80 percent of Yemen’s population is in need of humanitarian assistance including more than 12 million children, according to UNICEF.

Over four years of armed conflict have taken a devastating toll on parents and children. Only half of health facilities in Yemen are fully functional, and even these face severe shortages in medicines, equipment, and staff.

Every two hours, one mother and six newborns die because of pregnancy or birth complications.

Ali lost his mother the day he was born, his mom died from severe bleeding within five hours of Ali’s birth.

With no money or transportation, she was not able to get to a hospital when she went into labor. It’s an all too common story in Yemen, where less than a third of babies are born in health facilities.

One in 37 babies die during their first month of life if they lose their mothers.

Ali is living with this aunt, who is trying to nurse both Ali and her own 3-year-old child.

Infants who lose their mothers have additional risk of death through malnutrition.

In 2018, UNICEF and partners helped treat more than 305,000 children between 6 and 59 months for severe acute malnutrition.

In Yemen, access to quality health services during and after pregnancy can be the difference between life and death for mothers and their unborn babies.

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