PORTLAND, Mich. (WLNS) — A new therapy dog is working at Portland St. Patrick school and it was the pup’s first day Friday.

The dog joined the team thanks to a partnership with “Canines for Change,” and the golden-doodle is named Anna.

Administrators believe having a therapy dog on school grounds will benefit the students in many ways.

“It will be able to provide comfort when someone needs it, or if just learning in a fun way, there’s endless opportunities that Anna can be a part of our team,” said Courtney Smith, Preschool-8th grade principal at Portland St. Patrick.

“To be at the office and see Anna and just hang out with her for a little bit, you know, reducing anxiety before you go back to class, who doesn’t love this adorable face?” said Alecia Smith from Canines for Change.

An event Friday afternoon gave kids the opportunity to take photos with the dog. Studies show having a canine around can lower people’s blood pressure and stress levels, improve physical well-being, decrease anxiety, and help kids to learn social skills.