MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. (WLNS) – Despite the setbacks of the Artemis 1 launch, the unmanned rocket is still set to take flight within the week.

While the rocket won’t take any passengers this time around, it will bring a piece of Michigan State University along for the ride.

Experiments from MSU will break through the atmosphere in NASA’s Artemis 1 mission.

Researchers from the MSU Plant Research Laboratory designed seeds specially made for space trips, and NASA wants to test out how well they survive the trip.

“Space flight has an enormous impact on humans and other organisms including plants. We are hoping to learn how these plants, that we believe are better equipped to withstand space flight, will actually perform,” said Frederica Brandizzi, MSU Professor in the College of Natural Science

For decades, scientists have studied how plants grow in space without gravity and surrounded by radiation.

Though the seeds will only be in lunar orbit, the results will provide solutions to long-term space travel, and eventually allow astronauts to grow their own food.

“We’ve been working for years, actually, on this project. We don’t send materials to space every day and so participating in flights like Artemis is being part of history,” Brandizzi said.

Although the launch has been delayed, researchers say the backup launch dates are close enough to not hinder the experiment.

“It’s just unfortunate this has happened. Our seeds can stay for a few days there is not going to be a huge loss on our side,” said Brandizzi.

Researchers say they are excited to take their work to the stars.