SOUTH COUNTY, Mo. (KTVI) – A St. Louis mother who was laid off due to the pandemic brought her toddler to a job interview – and the resulting TikTok video has been liked more than 1 million times.

Maggie Mundwiller had her first job interview at a company and was asked to come back for a second interview – but she had no child care option.

The company told her that they are child friendly and invited her to bring her son, Mylo, to the interview.

Being a single mom during a pandemic, Mundwiller said there are challenges with finding childcare when in between jobs.

“We don’t have childcare yet and it’s because I’m staying home with (Mylo), but once I have a job, then we would have childcare. So when you’re stuck in that transition period and you don’t have it, I think there’s a lot parents who are left out,” Mundwiller said.

She added that her TikTok video has sparked conversations about a childcare crisis.

In the video she dresses Mylo in a dapper light blue suit, washes his stroller, and even writes him a resume.

Mylo’s resume reads:

Objective: To not find a job and eat all the snacks.


  • Can destroy a clean space in 30 seconds
  • Can take off own diaper
  • Can say about five words that start with “B” or “D”
  • Smell flowers with my teeth
  • Go downstairs while holding my mom’s hand
  • Can throw a ball
  • Can spot a dog a mile away
  • Experience: March 2020 – Present, None
  • Education: Mom & Dad University, GPA 4.0
  • References: Mom and Dad

“It was a great experience. What a welcoming company culture,” Mundwiller said about the company.

She doesn’t know yet if she got the job.

Mundwiller is also the owner and designer behind 314 handcrafted.