Catwoman celebrating her eighty-year legacy


Credit: DC Comics

GOTHAM CITY (WLNS) – It’s been eighty years since Catwoman first prowled onto the scene and the purrfect cat burglar is still going strong.

Readers first met Catwoman in 1940’s Batman #1 and since then the Feline Fatale has had a busy nine lives creatively toying with the caped crusader using beauty and wit.

It might be hard to believe, but Catwoman had been around for ten years before fans ever learned her true name. In Batman #62, which came out in 1950, was the very first time that Catwoman was revealed to be Selina Kyle.

In 1966, Catwoman returned from a twelve-year absence, largely in part to the Adam West Batman television show which regularly featured the character. Of course, the con-artist kitten took the sneaky steps to return in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #70. Catwoman proved that her time away hadn’t tamed her, as she used a magic wand to transform Superman into a cat and placed him in a Kryptonite pet carrier.

It was 1981 when readers go to explore new sides to Catwoman’s personality. After 41 years of being defined by the hero she was fighting, Batman #332 features a Selina who investigates and dismantles Talia al Ghul’s criminal enterprise.

In 1992, Michelle Pfeiffer wowed audiences as Selina Kyle in Batman Returns. A move that eventually led to DC giving Catwoman her own ongoing series in 1993.

Whether she’s a burglar, a hero, or something in between, it’s clear that even after eight decades, Selina Kyle’s career as Catwoman is far from over.

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