EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Football may be the focal point of the Super Bowl, but the big game’s commercials have come to be quite popular amongst viewers.

According to Michigan State University advertising and PR professor Robert Kolt, Super Bowl advertising is different from everyday advertising.

For 26 years, MSU faculty have gotten together to rank the ads from best to worst. The yearly tradition has gained an abundance of attention.

Kolt said that the faculty decided to rank ads after getting asked what their thoughts were on the commercials frequently after the Super Bowl.

“Media all over the country and all over the world has been interested in our faculty rating ever since,” continued Kolt.

But which ad captured Kolt’s attention?

“General Motors had a really funny ad in the game with Will Ferrell,” said Kolt. “Very cute, very memorable. A lot of animation.”

The faculty group does not just rank the best ads, they also rank the worst ones.

The professors submit their rankings on a scale of one to five, five being the best and one being the worst.

“This event is a great bonding opportunity for the faculty at Michigan State University,” said Kolt. “We all talk about our profession in advertising and publications, and every ad has a public relations campaign, so we share a lot of knowledge with each other.”

But what ads did the group consider best and worst?

Best Super Bowl Commercials

The faculty at MSU have spoken, and the best Super Bowl LVII ads are:

There was a tie for fourth place between The Farmer’s Dog and Bud Light Hold Music.

Worst Super Bowl Commercials

The faculty group ranked the worst Super Bowl LVII ads as: