“We’re a destination location where folks can come with their whole family.”

Meckley’s farm is nearly 70 acres and originally opened in 1956. Steve Meckley is a co-owner of the farm and he says that fruit is just a small part of what they do.

“We do have a pumpkin patch we do have a corn maze as well, as well as our bakery. We make our own fresh cider, we have food as well we do our own scratch pizzas.”

The farm brings in close to 7,000 people each weekend and has all your fall favorites like sugar donuts,, cider, and apple fritters and much more.

But one of the main attractions is their brewery.

Meckley’s brewing company started in 2011 with just six flavors of hard cider.

That quickly changed, they now have a partnership with Anheuser Busch.

“After a while, a lot of my friends said ‘Steve you need to start doing this at a commercial level,’ and so at that point, we talked about it and said you know, my dad always had this vision of a cider bar but I think with 6 kids he never had enough time or extra money to really chase that dream. so I said we can think about it for another 20 years or we can just do it,” said Meckley.

A family vision is now a reality.

Their cider is being sold in party stores, grocery stores and local restaurants across Michigan.

They just signed with another distributor in the Grand Rapids area.

Meckley says there’s stuff for your whole family to do

The one downside is the long lines, but he says the wait is worth it.