Explore Michigan: The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

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Jim Johnson is the director of Greenfield Village and the curator of historic structures and landscapes at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn.

He says the Henry Ford Museum and Village are listed as national landmarks.

“Henry Ford was collecting at a time when history was changing very quickly. Henry Ford of course, is our founder that began collecting in the 1900’s and all the way through the 1920’s,” said Johnson.

He says Henry Ford wanted the Museum to be designed on nearly 1 acres of land.

And now, it has a very interesting collection of exhibits.

“We have a big collection of steam locomotives and the Presidential limo of John F. Kennedy, the Rosa Parks bus in the Liberty and Justice for all exhibit, the chair Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on and much more,” said Johnson.

And on the same property as the Henry Ford Museum is Greenfield Village.

It’s one of the largest outdoor museum complexes in the U.S.

You can catch a ride on a Model T, watch baseball from 1867, watch glass vases get made, visit farm animals, the and even take a ride on a real steam powered train.​​​

“One is a re-creation of Thomas Edison’s laboratory in the park of New Jersey where he recorded sound, we also have the Wright brothers home and cycle shop made in Ohio where the whole concept of manned flight begun.”

The Henry Ford Museum’s hours and ticket prices can be checked by clicking here.

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