Frankenmuth, MI. (WLNS) — The Michigan Heroes Museum exists to nurture the memories of people from Michigan farms, offices, and factories who heeded the summons to military service during America’s foreign wars, from the Spanish-American War to the War on Terrorism.  The museum is unique in the United States because it is the only repository devoted to the wartime experiences of one state’s people.  In addition, the Museum includes a section dedicated to the Medal of Honor recipients, and this collection contains more Medals of Honor than any other museum in the United States.

Located in Frankenmuth, Michigan, the museum holds over 900 exhibits, each devoted to a Michigan soldier, marine, sailor, airman, or astronaut.  Youthful faces peer at a visitor from photographs on the walls and display cases, some accompanied by pictures of the older men and women that the young warriors became.  Other faces – of those who fell – are frozen, exclusively forever, in young adulthood.  Our mission is simply to Honor, Respect, and Remember Michigan citizens’ contributions to our nation’s military and space programs.

The displays at the Michigan Heroes Museum reflect American military adventures and tragedies through the personal histories of people who might have otherwise been forgotten in the relentless press of day-to-day life.  However, the Michigan Heroes Museum focuses not just on the military’s past or combat. The museum also honors the peacetime bravery of Michigan’s astronauts and space pioneers, from the beginnings of rocket science to the marvel of modern space flight.

The many artifacts have been diligently researched and carefully preserved by the Museum’s staff throughout the years.  They are weighty with the emotions of those who lovingly bestowed them to the Museum.  Many a widow, saddened to think the remnants of her husband’s military service might end up ignored in an attic after her death, have entrusted them to the Museum, confident they would be maintained and honored.  As a result, the Michigan Heroes Museum’s collection is rooted in the cherished memories of hundreds of Michigan families.