LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released some safety tips for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of the summer, especially in Michigan. That mean a lot of people will be taking day trips and vacations to lakes, parks, and more.

That of course means there’s an increased risk of accidents.

Off-road vehicles are fun year-round. Stay safe on the trails and brush up on ORV safety. (Courtesy Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

The DNR has released seven different tips to help keep you and your family stay safe.

  • Have a great time on the Great Lakes by making safety a priority
    • While these beautiful and inviting destinations are the backdrop to many lifelong memories, learning how to keep yourself, friends and family safe is key.
  • Don’t rock the boat – stay safe on the water
    • If you’re planning to be on or near the water this weekend – or at all this summer – take time before you leave shore to ensure you are prepared for a water emergency. 
  • Three words for the three-day weekend: Play, Clean, Go
    • Protecting the amazing places you’ll visit can be easy. Just remember three simple words: “Play, Clean, Go.”
  • Stay on the safe path while off-roading
    • Ride at a safe speed based on your – and the machine’s – abilities.
  • This Memorial Day weekend, spark smiles – not a wildfire
    • Many will welcome the summer season this Memorial Day weekend with campfires, grilling and outdoor fun. But it’s important to remember, nine of out 10 wildfires are started by people.
  • Don’t let ticks torpedo your outdoor fun
    • The concept of “the more there merrier” holds true for many gatherings, but some guests definitely are not invited for holiday weekend plans.
  • Trails and fish tales? We’ve got you covered
    • The DNR and its regional tourism partners have pulled together interactive maps showing some great places to fish and trails to tackle.

For more information visit the DNR’s website at