PORTLAND, Mich. (WLNS) — Meet Alexa Webber. Webber is a senior at Portland High School and spends a lot of time helping others.

Webber takes part in BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care). “We kind of work within the school to raise awareness. And then we also go to the community and spread mental health awareness,” Webber said. “We bring in mental health speakers. We go to the middle schools, and the elementary schools from Portland, and we spread awareness with locker science positive affirmation. Just a bunch of different ways to show that the student body is supported.”

Webber said the BIONIC meetings are for anyone, “It doesn’t matter your social status or what club you’re in or if you play academics or if you are in a sport. Any friend group nothing like that. We all just sit down and we all work together as a team, no matter.”

“Alexis is an extraordinary student,” Mark Scheurer, BIONIC’s advisor with Portland High School said. “Because when I went into education almost 30 years ago, you hope that those students are going to be better. She’s the epitome of that. I mean, what she does and how she handles herself in every capacity in the school. She’s what you look at as a leader.”

Webber said her plans after high school may include mental health research or sports psychology.

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