OVID-ELSIE, Mich. (WLNS) — Conner Davis has big dreams, and being on stage at Ovid-Elsie High School is just the beginning.

“I would say the best thing about drama is just the experience of going on stage and just the feeling that you get when you are able to just fully express yourself creatively and just be crazy without anyone judging you,” said Davis.

When Davis was in the 10th grade, he was cast as Daddy Warbucks in the school’s production of Annie and instead of opting for a bald cap, he shaved his head.

But his long-term goals could lead him to the big screen one day.

“So my long-term plan kind of involves drama and choir. I want to go into the film industry and be an actor, producer, director, kind of make my own movie franchise,” said Davis.

The high schooler has already started writing his own script.

According to his teacher, His teacher said that he “just has always stepped up and gone the extra mile.”