WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WLNS) — Seth Pennington is a senior at Williamston High School and characterizes himself as a character artist.

Pennington said his whole family are artists and over time it evolved into his passion for art. “My favorite characters draw are usually from comics because my dad showed me a lot of them, and I kind of grew up with superheroes in that age,” Pennington said. “Usually I sketch with pencil, but I finalize them digitally with a tablet.”

“I could tell that Seth had a passion for art early on,” Williamston Middle School art teacher Jon Gere said. “He definitely was dedicated and would work hard and go above and beyond. And not only that, he was working on developing his own style too, which was amazing. I know that he would talk about how he would read comics and that with his brother they would work on creating their own comic book characters.”

Pennington said he plans on going to Lawrence Tech University to study architecture because it would be a good way to combine both art and math.

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