LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Brandin is a 16-year-old who has been looking for his forever home since Aug. 2021.

Brandin likes to read books with fantasy, mystery, wolves and vampires. In other words, the Twilight series. His favorite subject in school is reading, and it’s one of his favorite things to do on weekends. Brandin’s reading fuels his impressive imagination which in turn ignites another passion of his: writing.

“Brandin is very good at writing,” says one of his close adults. Brandin also loves being active and enjoys playing hockey, football, softball and basketball. “He’s really talented at basketball and has a real interest in sports,” says one of his close adults. “Just try to beat him in a game of HORSE.”

Brandin wants to play basketball professionally when he gets older, and he models his game after his hero, Stephen Curry. In addition to reading, writing and playing sports, Brandin enjoys solving word search puzzles and watching movies and TV.

If he could, Brandin would travel to Hawaii and enjoy the ocean’s blue hue, his favorite color. “It’s pretty there,” Brandin adds. He’d then place a beachside delivery of pizza because it’s his favorite food, and he might relax there until Christmas since it’s his favorite holiday.

However, Brandin definitely would return stateside to celebrate the holidays in his favorite way – in the company of others while eating good food. Brandin really wants to celebrate the holidays with a new forever family, and he hopes they’ll eat meals and play sports and games together.

“I am funny, I enjoy being around people and I like to hang out with friends,” Brandin says when asked the most important thing he wants others to know about him. According to a close adult, “Brandin is funny and entertaining. He loves to talk to people. Brandin enjoys school. He likes to spend time with other students at school and looks forward to the classes he has with his friends.”

Brandin would do well with a single female parent, two female parents or a mom and dad. His new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma informed. In addition, he would do best as the only child in his new forever family. His new family needs to make sure Brandin gets the services that will help him flourish.