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Michigan Bankers Association

Founded in 1887, the Michigan Bankers Association (MBA) is a trade association of Michigan financial institutions which currently includes more than 2,300 branches located throughout the state with combined assets of over $150 billion. Our main areas of focus include:

To advocate for and support the banking industry.

The MBA acts as the official representative of member banks in matters of state legislation and regulation. The Association actively pursues legislation of benefit to the industry and the public at large, and opposes those measures which would hamper its members’ ability to serve the needs of their banking customers. The Association also works closely with the American Bankers Association on select issues in Washington, D.C.

Professional Development
The MBA sponsors more than 100 seminars, conferences, banking schools and an annual convention. Our educational programs enhance the ability of member banks to meet their needs in a complex and changing financial industry.

Products and Services
Through its subsidiary the MBA Service Corp, Inc., the MBA seeks ways to help our members retain business, offer first rate service and increase revenue.   As part of these activities, MBA offers a wide variety of products and services for member banks in the areas of compliance, human resources, management, marketing and financial literacy, among others. The MBA offers an Associate Membership, works closely with many preferred vendors and endorses partners that provide banks top quality services, fee income or unique opportunities.

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