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Making Technology Easier
Providence Consulting was founded in 2003 with the main mission to help organizations in Michigan transform their business by ‘making technology easier.’ Over the years, we’ve helped many small- and medium-sized business owners overcome their IT challenges, giving them peace of mind and enabling them to concentrate on their core business goals.

Our focus is to help you overcome the technology value gap that stems from the lack of IT knowledge and foundational skills that make for effective work processes. Having a weak, unsecured and unstable IT infrastructure often results into a daily dose of technology problems, which culminates into disillusionment, frustration, decreased efficiency and morale, and dissatisfied customers.

The good news is, Providence Consulting are experts at increasing workplace productivity — making your life easier, reducing your costs, and helping you put more money in the bank!
We employ service-oriented individuals who are not only certified IT professionals; they are also certifiably friendly and helpful. All of our employees have attended Dale Carnegie Training, which helps us to speak in IT terms that YOU understand, and not geek speak!

Providence Consulting’s unique IT approach is intended to provide you with maximum value for your investment. We do this by:
Staying on top of technology advancements – We constantly research new products on behalf of our clients to ensure they always have access to the industry-proven solutions and services. As a result, we provide your organization with innovative solutions you need to run your business more efficiently.
Making your technology safe to use – Cyber security is a top priority at Providence Consulting. In fact, we are one of only two IT providers in Michigan who have earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark Certification. Our security experts are highly experienced in deploying multi-level network security measures and can even secure your mobile devices. With our top-of-the-line solutions, you can rest assured your organization is fully protected at all times.
The Providence Consulting Promise
We promise to always listen to your needs and work with your vendors and other stakeholders when crafting solutions, solving problems, and executing projects so that you get what’s right for your organization to thrive and succeed in the short and long run.

Providence Consulting 
530 S Creyts Rd
Lansing, MI 48917-8265
Phone: 517-679-3302
Toll Free: 855-222-9433
Meet Jeff Dettloff, President, Providence Consulting HERE

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