Gestamp Mason, LLC is committed to the training and development of its employees. Gestamp has recently installed several new pieces of equipment and key operators and supervisors need to be properly trained on machine guarding.   This training will enable employees to properly operate the machinery with safeguarding in place.  It will also teach them how to identify potential safety concerns. Gestamp is continually receiving new business, but keeping headcount low as to maximize profits, this means more work is being distributed to the same amount of salaried employees.  Our maintenance department needs specialized training to perform preventative maintenance on our schuler press which is a main press and has been causing a lot of down time, costing the company a lot in missed shipments, broken equipment, etc.  World Wide Engineering  provides quality, knowledgeable training on PMs for Schuler Presses. World Wide Engineering is a subject matter expert on Schuler Presses.  Gestamp has already paid WWE to train our press technicians, but we also need to train our maintenance team so they are just as knowldegeable on the Schuler Presses.  This will save the company money with downtime and increased productivity.  Being proficient in Microsoft Project will allow employees to maximize productivity.  This training will be incredibly beneficial to our salaried employees.  Classroom training for our apprentices will continue to grow their knowledge and get them closer to their degree, while helping ease the financial strain of getting an education. 

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