Geyer’s Garden: Bringing plants indoors for the fall and winter

Geyer's Garden

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Winter is almost here, and “garden time” is pretty much over. Don’t fret there’s a way to keep planting all year long simply by going inside. Meteorologist Jim Geyer has a look at some alternatives in tonight’s “Geyer’s Garden.”

It’s a perfect time to bring that green that we’ve been enjoying all season long inside. There are so many options now.

No matter if you’re a house plant lover or someone who have never done it before, there are some plants you can start off with.

There’s so many options of little plants, you can just get them almost like a little seedling size and you’re just spending two or three.

In addition, there are low light options and real bright light options. There’s a plant for everybody.

There are options of plants and popular plants right now that we would consider kind of rare.

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