Geyer’s Garden: How to protect your garden leaves

Geyer's Garden

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Leaves can be the targets of all kinds of critters, whether they be tall and four-legged or tiny insectoids. 6 News is here for you with how to keep your garden leaves safe.

Leaf sucking, insects, like aphids and mites would require a spray. You’re going to find them on the underside of a leaf and it’s important that you contact them with the insecticide. Worms that are going to take big chunks out of your leaves should usually be treated with dust, and there are organic or chemical forms of both of those.

It’s important that you check out what creature it is before you start spraying. Deer and rabbits can wreak havoc on our landscape so quickly, but insecticide won’t do the job.

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