LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As flowers come into bloom and Michiganders start seeing more green on the trees, Geyer’s Garden is back in season.

Join renowned 6 News Meteorologist and gardener Jim Geyer and Lisa from Van Atta’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop in talking about the season’s finest flowers.

Easter Lilies

Known for their sweet smell and pure white color, Easter lilies can be planted once and will re-bloom every year, according to Lisa.

“Some people find it, maybe not as reliably hearty as another type of lily, but I think most people have pretty good luck,” said Lisa.

Easter lilies

Floral Azaleas

Floral azaleas are brightly colored, with very impressive blooms.

Unlike their outdoor counterparts, floral azaleas are made to stay indoors.

According to Lisa, floral azaleas can be kept in the house for a few weeks.

Floral Azaleas

Martha Washington Geraniums

Martha Washington geraniums.

Lastly, there’s the Martha Washington geranium, which comes in a bunch of colors.

This could go outside around the end of May, but for now, the geranium makes a pretty houseplant.

Though it cannot be replanted year after year, the geranium will bloom throughout the summer and will stay alive through the Michigan fall.

You can watch the entire Geyer’s Garden segment in the video player above.