LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Community gardens boast free fruits and vegetables for locals to enjoy.

But what about Lansing?

The capital city has multiple community gardens, all of which are on the verge of entering busy season. The Greater Lansing Food Bank actually supports the gardens.

Jim Geyer and Julie Lehman, the Garden Project Manager with the food bank, stopped by Foster Park to learn more.

On the east side of Lansing, is the food bank’s Garden Project Resource Center where gardeners can come and pick up free seeds and vegetable transplants

There’s even a tool lending library.

All of the resources are intended to help community members get ahead for gardening season.

“We invite anyone who is a community gardener or [has] a low to moderate income home gardener to use it,” said Lehman.

She added that Lansing has a variety of “agrarian backgrounds.”

“Whether you’re growing African eggplant, Burmese, Roselle, or anything in between,” Lehman said. “We see a lot of diversity in the community gardens.” That’s gotta be cool. I’m gonna have to use that and look at that later on too, because, uh, we will be here once again too.”

To hear what fruits and vegetables will be making their appearance in the community gardens soon, watch the video in the player above.