LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Is your soil gardening ready?

6 News’ very own Jim Geyer stopped by the the Garden Project Resource Center to learn about getting your soil in tip-top shape for gardening.

Garden project manager Julie Lehman said that it is important to loosen up the soil so that it is not too compacted.

“So when you’re ready to plant those transplants, they’ve got room to shoot down those roots,” Lehman said.

She even shared her favorite garden tool duo to use on soil: a digging fork and a bow rake.

The community garden even has some more specialized tools for bigger projects, like the broad fork.

“This [broad fork] is a specialty tool, pretty expensive, so not as common for the average home gardener to have,” Lehman explained. “But we do free tool lending at our Garden Project Resource Center.”

To see what other tools Lehman recommends, watch the video in the player above.