At GPS, Our Name Says it All because It’s the Shorthand for Our Values…Goals, People and Service.

Everything we do and how we make decisions are guided by these Values. And, our destination…our Vision…is to be our Guests’ Favorite Fast Food Destination. By staying true to our Values, we deliver what our guests expect and deserve…great tasting food served by friendly and courteous People in clean, attractive and comfortable restaurants.

As we work together to achieve our Vision, we create a Win-Win culture where both the company and individuals are equally successful and prosperous. We view the GPS team as partners who share the accountability to deliver the financial performance of a healthy and growing company while providing the tools, resources, and support for every individual to earn a competitive compensation and to be positioned for future growth as top performing leaders.

This simple formula of Goals, People, and Service paints a clear picture of what it takes to succeed, creates a deep pride in our work and rewards each of us professionally, financially and personally. In short, we are committed to a culture where everybody wins.

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