LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and registered dietitian Sarah Smith with Sparrow is here for you with a few ways to avoid over-indulging.

  1. Don’t skip meals
  2. Maintain your routine as much as possible
  3. Practice joyful movement to help manage stress
  4. Do not show up to a party or event hungry
  5. Have some coping strategies planned out
  6. Share an entrée or dessert with a friend or family member
  7. Be flexible!
  8. Keep 2 hands on the wheel (your water bottle!)

You can still enjoy your favorite foods by:

  1. Use smaller plates
  2. Fill half of your plate with the vegetables and/or fruits available
  3. Use fresh vegetables to enjoy those favorite dips or spreads
  4. Sometimes we can confuse thirst with hunger. Drink plenty of water!
  5. Keep your eating to the actual holiday, not the season
  6. Do not hang out by the food table