All of us are facing new challenges today in our businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, health centers and the overall marketplace, creating unique dynamics that can become problematic for us personally.

As a progressive, diverse organization of accomplished women from across the state, She Leads Michigan offers perspective that can only come from hundreds of leaders representing a broad spectrum of influence. We have connected to collaborate, so we can offer faith-based solutions for modern day challenges.

We also realize that the challenges do not stop at the office. They seep into our homes and individual lives. Therefore, we are here to refresh your heart and soul.

She Leads Michigan (SLM) provides a safe platform for the exchange of ideas with a community of faith-focused, independent thinkers who support and encourage each other, networked together through trusted relationships in Christ. SLM gives women a voice through weekly “She Speaks” broadcasts exploring tough topics that impact every level of society.

She Leads Michigan also provides a warm place of encouragement through prayer, practical support, and friendship.

Nancy DeBoer, former Mayor of Holland, MI., SLM’s Assistant Director says, “She Leads Michigan connects women of faith throughout the state of Michigan, thereby weaving a strong fabric of kindred spirits who focus on encouraging each other, releasing each woman to fulfill her potential, and using our collective influence to build the good in the world.”
To learn more, visit or visit our facebook page, She Leads Michigan.

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