During the COVID pandemic, people got used to working out at home instead of heading to the gym.

Now as Ian Lee reports, a company in London wants to make home exercising to the next stop.

Feeling the burn is going virtual. Valkyrie Industries designed a home workout using virtual reality and electro muscle simulation, or EMS.

“You’re gonna want to find the level your comfortable with. If you want to, you can go up in intensity,” said Kourosh Atefipour, CEO of Valkyrie Industries. “The feeling you get out of these is resistance, load, fatigue and weight up to a certain level. But it’s designed more for strengthening, toning and conditioning.”

Special armbands deliver EMS pulses to the biceps and triceps, essentially tricking your brain into thinking you’re actually lifting weights.

The harder you pull, lift or punch, the more resistance you feel.

“Which fundamentally interacts with your muscles to create that same electrical impulse that your brain perceives when you’re holding a cup, a mug, a water bottle, or a dumbbell,” Atefipour said.

Users can also join virtual classes with coaches in the Metaverse.

“We’re tailoring this to the new and current generation of humans who are fixated on screens,” Atefipour said.

The company says as little as 15 minutes every other day can bring noticeable benefits in the comfort of your home.