COVID-19 rates are once again on the rise nationwide, including hospitalizations.

Kentucky and Texas are just two states where schools have been forced to close.

Michael George of CBS News, New York has the details on what you can do to protect yourself for this week’s edition of Here For Health.

Instead of handing out homework, multiple school districts in Kentucky are handing out COVID tests.

“Lots of them are testing positive that we don’t know about. But those we do know about, it’s a significant number for Magoffin County,” said Pete Shepherd of the Magoffin County Health Department.

Schools closed in at least two counties in Kentucky, as well as a small district in Texas, with students and staff out sick.

“It was a no-brainer that it was in the best interest of keeping everyone safe,” Shepherd said.

The number of COVID cases is edging up nationwide.

Hospitalizations jumped up more than 21% in one week this month.

“Hospitalizations are up because COVID transmission is up. But who’s actually getting sick enough to end up in the hospital? It’s the elderly,” said Dr. Celine Gounder, CBS News Medical Contributor. “People 70 and up are driving most of that — almost the entire increase we’re seeing in hospitalizations right now.”

A Hollywood studio and some academic and hospital settings are requiring masks again.

Health officials say while that’s not expected to become a widespread practice, high-risk individuals may want to consider wearing one.

Updated COVID boosters will be available by mid-September, once the FDA signs off and the CDC sets eligibility guidelines.

The annual flu shot is out now and is best taken in October. You can get both at the same time.

Experts say if you do test positive for COVID, the best practice still stands.

“If you are able to stay home until you test negative on a rapid test for COVID, that would be ideal,” Gounder said.

The CDC expects this trending uptick to continue into the fall.