LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center recently released a study on groups more likely to die from breast cancer and why.

According to the study, Black women have a higher chance of getting an aggressive form of breast cancer, and they’re 42% more likely to die than white women. The study also shows Black women face more obstacles to getting genetic testing that could save their lives.

Those include financial stress, more urgent health problems being addressed first, and not being able to speak with specialists.

Deneice Pittman is a breast cancer survivor and patient at OSU’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital.

“No one in my community talked about that. No. Now they have programs where the other sources are coming into our communities, like the churches and things of that nature. They’re talking about so many different things. It’s like now you have the resources, but 11 years ago you didn’t hear it,” Pittman said.

One of OSU’s doctors says healthcare providers still need to do a better job getting that information out there to help women overcome those barriers.

The university has an online tool that can tell people their risk for breast cancer. It’s called Turning the Page on Breast Cancer. Users answer questions about their medical and family histories. Those considered high-risk can then get information on genetic testing.