The images coming out of Ukraine are graphic and hard to ignore. We here at WLNS TV 6 have devoted the day to raising money for UNICEF to ensure kids in Ukraine have enough to eat and a safe place to stay.

Our original goal was $6,000 but thanks to your overwhelming generosity

We have raised almost four times that amount so far.

Yesterday 6 News’ Sheri Jones spoke with Toby Fricker, a UNICEF spokesperson who is in the western part of Ukraine, and he said that the conditions people are having to endure are some of the worst he has ever seen.

“Donations are incredibly important because it enables us to scale up our response and to meet, and reach more children who’ve been so affected by this horrific conflict. And what that means is it means we can get medical equipment. For example, to hospitals, in areas of a hotspot area where fighting is very intense,” said Fricker.

“We have the areas oF such horrific fighting where so many people are stuck. Children are stuck in those areas and trying to flee. These children and these families that we met in the reception area in the Southeast of the country have literally made a run for it, got in their cars, took whatever they could take just to get out, And that real sort of horror of those moments of that time having lived on the under such heavy bombardment [will stay] with children forever,” he said.

If you are interested in donating to the UNICEF, click here.